We are happy to inform that the MoZEES Extraordinary General Assembly on 16 December 2020 approved Equinor as new Partner i MoZEES.

Equinor is interested in all the Research Areas in MoZEES, and in particularly applied oriented battery activities related to maritime applications. Equinor has recently set some new and ambitious 2030-goals for low and zero emission solutions in the maritime that fit very well with the scope of work in MoZEES (e.g. Green logistics program in Equinor’s Department for Marine in Logistic & Emergency). Equinor has confirmed that they are willing to provide information and data from several of their maritime projects as in-kind to MoZEES, which will be a very valuable contribution to the Center. Equinor has also shown great interest for the work in MoZEES on battery and hydrogen safety. Finally, it was recently announced in a press release that Panasonic (leading battery technology company), Equinor, and Hydro (MoZEES Partner) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a strategic partnership to explore possibilities for establishing a sustainable and cost-competitive European battery business. In summary, MoZEES and Equinor have various common interest in R&D related to hydrogen, batteries and zero-emission mobility applications.