The MoZEES Mobility Program is designed to promote research exchange with International research partners and with the user partners of the center. There is currently an open-ended application deadline.

In order to succeed with its goal of contributing to the design and development of safe, reliable, and cost competitive zero-emission transport solutions, MoZEES needs to educate young researchers that are equipped to support this. The MoZEES Mobility Program is designed to encourage close interaction among our young scientists, leading international research groups and relevant industrial and governmental partners in the consortium, and is one incentive to achieve this goal. The program will support internationalization, outreach and competence building.

We support exchange with partners of the consortium, lasting from 1-6 months. Guest candidates from collaborative international partners are also encouraged to apply.

There is currently an open-ended application deadline provided funding is secured. All MoZEES personnel are eligible, but PhDs and PostDocs have priority. For the period 2020-2021 NOK 150 000 has been allocated to the program.

Please note that all candidates are required to apply for financial support from other available sources, and these should preferably be combined with a grant from MoZEES.

See the full announcement and criteria here

Open-ended application deadline. Apply here: