The work in Research Area 3 focuses on developing and testing battery and fuel cell technologies and systems, and on the design and controls of systems suitable for road, rail, and maritime applications.

Illustration: Brødrene Aa

There is a special focus on heavy-duty systems, maritime applications, and battery and hydrogen safety issues. The following four system categories are studied and evaluated: (1) Battery electric systems, (2) Fuel cell electric systems (including hybridization with batteries), (3) Renewable energy based water electrolyzers, and (4) Hydrogen refueling systems.

Detailed specifications of the battery and FCH technologies and systems to be evaluated in RA3 are established in close collaboration with the Research Partners in the Center, as well as the following User Partners: ABB, SAFT, PBES, ZEM, Grenland Energy, Hexagon, Selfa, DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register (marine applications); Asko, Unibuss (FCEVs for captive fleets); NEL Hydrogen, Hexagon, and ZEG Power (hydrogen production and supply systems). Descriptions of the research tasks are provided below. The main research questions in RA3 are related to:

• Design and control of battery and fuel cell systems (with the goal to maximize lifetime)
• Safety and risk management associated with heavy-duty battery and FCH-systems
• Design of RE-based water electrolysis and H2-supply systems (with the goal to reduce costs)

RA3 is lead by Øystein Ulleberg (IFE).