If an accident occurs that involves an electric car or a hybrid ferry, it is important that the fire and rescue service is well aware of the challenges that battery and hydrogen technologies present.

The Norwegian research communities working with battery and hydrogen safety therefore invite to a seminar in Lillestrøm on Thursday 9 September from 09.00-15.30. The presentations will be held in Norwegian. During this seminar, experts will provide an insight into the challenges presented by new green technologies and how regulations contribute to reducing both the probability of and the consequence of an accident. In addition, the fire and rescue service will inform about the challenges the service is experiencing faced with such incidents.

The purpose of the event is to share information and to establish a common situation picture for the way ahead. The seminar is arranged at Thon Hotel Arena in Lillestrøm and both physical and digital participation will be facilitated. The event is free, but requires registration (binding). There is room for up to 50 participants (physically), and we follow the principle of first come, first served.

More information about the program and the practical details will be sent out to registered participants.

Registration is done via the following link: https://ife.pameldingssystem.no/sikkerhetsseminar. The registration deadline is Friday 6 August.

The event is a collaboration between the projects FME MoZEES, Norwegian Forum for Battery Safety, SH2IFT, HyTUNNEL-CS and HyRESPONDER

Photo by Arny Mogensen on Unsplash