We are pleased to announce that the MoZEES Battery Days 2022 will be arranged as a physical seminar on 5-6 May.

Day 1: MoZEES Battery Seminar (Venue: Thon Hotel Arena Lillestrøm)

Battery seminar (09:00-17:00)

  • Seminar and Workshop
    • Morrow: The transition between a PhD and working in industry (Halvor H. Hval)
    • FFI: The Effect of Internal Pressure on Thermal Runaway Temperature (Torleif Lian)
    • Hydro: Batteries at Hydro (Johan Fridner)
    • FFI: Proposed generic set up for vented Li-ion gases in enclosed spaces within the MoZEES project (Espen Åkervik)
    • The Research Council of Norway: Funding possibilities for Innovation projects (Andreas Bratland)
    • Cenate: What Silicon Nano Robust really is (Martin Kirkengen)
    • IFE: Overview of Battery Modelling methodology (Jinsong Hua)
    • UiO: Battery Modelling (Heesoo Park)
    • SINTEF: BattMo Demo (Xavier Raynaud)
    • Corvus: Parametrized cell models and continuous monitoring of cell degradation (Azzeddine Bakdi / Kristian Thorbjørnsen)
    • All: Panel discussion on battery modelling (Samson Lai/David Wragg)
  • Open to MoZEES Partners only
  • Includes Lunch

Battery Networking Dinner (18:00)

  • Three course dinner including 2 drinks
  • Dinner Fee 775 NOK
  • Open to external participants

Day 2: MoZEES Battery Laboratory Course (Venue: IFE, Instituttveien 18, Kjeller)

  • The course will consist of some introductory theory and several hands-on laboratory stations allowing the participants to practice the different steps of battery cell fabrication and electrochemical testing.
  • Starts 09.30
  • Maximum number of participants: 20
  • Open to external participants