Dear MoZEES Partners,

This is an INVITATION to MoZEES Annual Meeting 2023 taking place at Son Spa on 29-30 November

  • This will be a closed meeting for MoZEES Partners only this year, with focus on reporting on the main outcomes and latest R&D results from MoZEES the past years. Both Research Partners and User Partners will be invited to hold presentations.
  • We are planning for a large open final MoZEES Conference 2024.  The MoZEES Annual Meeting 2023 is therefore one of our last chances to meet informally as a group (180 people on the mailing list) and reflect together over our R&D achievements in MoZEES from 2017-2023 and to discuss how to wrap-up and document our activities in a good way in 2024.
  • There has been some dynamics in the Center over the years and most of the PhDs that have graduated are now working in relevant battery and hydrogen companies.  We may therefore want to invite some of our alumni PhDs to present the main results from their academic work.

The invitations have been sent out! If you, for some reason, have not recieved an invitation yet please contact our coordinator Benedicte Ofstad at




Program Wednesday 29 November 2023

10:00 – Arrival & Registration

Session 1 – Key Technology and Systems Perspectives

  • Welcome and Introduction – Øystein Ulleberg (IFE)
  • Latest developments on advanced low-temperature water electrolysis technology – Tom Smolinka (Fraunhofer ISE)
  • Marine Battery and Fuel Cell Applications; Experiences and Challenges – Jan-Fredrik Hansen (ABB)
  • The road to zero emission on Norwegian Heavy-Duty Road Transport – Ingo Machenbac (Statkraft)

11:45-12:45 – Lunch Break

Session 2 – Battery Materials and Components

  • Brief status on battery technology activities in MoZEES – Ann Mari Svensson (RA1 leader)
  • Unravelling the LNMO structure – Halvor Hval (UiO)
  • Latest battery material developments (title TBD) – SAFT (TBC)

13:30-13:50 – Coffee Break

  • Results from MoZEES battery Round Robin
  • Battery cell manufacturing (title TBD) – Morrow (TBC)
  • Pre-lithiation of Li-ion batteries: A meta-review on methodologies – Samson Lai (IFE)

Session 3 – Hydrogen Components and Technologies

  • Brief status on hydrogen technology activities in MoZEES – Tor Olav Sunde (RA2 Leader)
  • Development of high-performance catalysts – Tor Olav Sunde (SINTEF)

Refreshments – 15:20-15:40

  • PEM water electrolysis stack technologies (title TBC) – Marcelo Carmo (Nel)
  • Catalyst coated membranes for electrolysis – James Stevens (Johnsen Matthey)

17:00 – Social Activities (Spa or Pub) or Free Time

19:15 – Conference Dinner



Program Thursday 30 November 2023

08:30 – Start-up of Day 2

Session 4 – MoZEES General Assembly 2023

  • MoZEES General Assembly (brief meeting)
  • Presentation of the results from the four MoZEES Pre-Projects

10:15-10:30 – Coffee Break

Session 5 – Battery and Hydrogen Systems and Applications

  • Brief status on battery and hydrogen system in MoZEES – Thomas Holm (RA3 Leader)
  • Latest advancements of maritime fuel Cell system (title TBC) – (Corvus)
  • Large-scale study of dispersion and explosions of hydrogen and Li-ion battery gases – Mathias Henriksen (USN)
  • Modeling and controls of maritime fuel cell / battery hybrid power systems – Mustapha Jamma (IFE)
  • Experiences from the Zerokyst-project – Erik Iansen (Selfa)

12:00-13:00 – Lunch Break

Session 6 – Zero Emission Transport Systems and Solutions

  • Brief status on transport system research in MoZEES – Erik Figenbaum (RA4 Leader)
  • Renewable hydrogen and synthetic fuels versus fossil fuels for trucking, shipping, and aviation – Jonas Martin (NTNU)
  • Results from the work on Fast Charging of Heavy-Duty Vehicles – Sigve Aasebø (Statens vegvesen)

13:45-14:00 – Coffee Break

Session 7 – Panel Discussion & Conclusions

  • How to speed up zero emission in the Heavy-Duty Transport
  • Concluding Remarks – Øystein Ulleberg (MoZEES Director)

15:00 End of Meeting

15:30 Transport back to Oslo