The MoZEES Annual Meeting was held in beautiful surroundings in Son on 24-25 April 2018. Almost 80 delegates participated during the two days which were filled with presentations and discussions on recent scientific, technological and industrial developments in the Center.


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The format of the Annual Meeting was to run plenary sessions with discussions on topics covered by MoZEES from different angles. In order to create a strong MoZEES unity we organized the sessions into the topics listed below.

Topics for sessions:

  1. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for Transport: From hydrogen production to end use. Use cases: (1) Hydrogen in the maritime and (2) Hydrogen in heavy duty vehicles
  2. Policy for Zero Emission Transport: How to can battery and hydrogen technology complement each other? What kind of policies should be established?
  3. Battery Value Chains: From production of materials (anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, binders) to assembly of modules.  How to establish new manufacturing capabilities.
  4. Hydrogen and Battery Safety: From safe materials and components to safe and low risk systems.  System requirements?  Needs for testing and validation?  New standards?

The MoZEES General Assembly 2018 was arranged after lunch on 25 April 2018.