In this episode of the podcast EnerView, researchers at FME MoZEES and FME CenSES discuss the challenges of decarbonising the transport sector.

The transport sector accounts for about a quarter of Norway’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonising cars and trucks becomes harder, the larger the vehicle gets. Rapid and dramatic change will require zero emissions battery or fuel cell electric technology to replace the present combustion engine. In this episode of EnerView, we’ll hear from Lasse Fridstrøm, senior research economist at the Institute of Transport Economics TØI, from Gunnar Eskeland, professor of environmental economics at the Norwegian School of Economics NHH, and from Øystein Ulleberg, principal scientist at the Renewable Energy Systems Department, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE). EnerView is produced by Room 7540 in partnership with CenSES, a Norwegian interdisciplinary centre for sustainable energy studies (FME Society).