Welcome to a two-day workshop on batteries at IFE 14-15 February.


Wednesday 14 February, 09h00-16h00
(Open for MoZEES partners only)

Host: Øystein Ulleberg, IFE

  1. Material synthesis and characterization (RA1), Session Leader: Fride Vullum-Bruer, NTNU
  2. Battery lifetime (Task 3.2), Preben Vie, IFE
  3. Battery safety (Task 3.3), Knut Vågsæter, USN
  4. Battery testing protocols (RA1 and RA3), Edel Sheridan, SINTEF

Each of the above topics will be discussed in plenary sessions lasting about 1,5 hour. The format for each session will be:

  • 20 minute introduction to the topic by session leader
  • 2 x 20 minute presentations by other MoZEES partners
  • 30 minute open discussion


Thursday 15 February, 09h00-16h00
(Open for external participants, but limited capacity)

Battery laboratory course at IFE Kjeller (Jan Petter Mæhlen and Marius Uv Nagell, IFE).

Contact jan.petter.maehlen@ife.no for more information and registration.