Invitation to the final conference for the research project ITEM (Integrated Transport and Energy Modelling)

Norway is committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50-55 % within 2030. In transport, agriculture, house heating and waste management, the cut will be 40 % between 2005 and 2030. How are we going to reach these emission targets? Do we need to reduce income and consumption? Or is electrification enough? If so, do we have enough power? Can we decarbonize the trucks? Do we need hydrogen? What is needed for charging and hydrogen filling stations along the main roads?

The research project ITEM (Integrated Transport and Energy Modeling) has analyzed how the transport sector can be decarbonized, and what instruments are needed. The main focus has been on road transport, with particular emphasis on freight cars. Analyzes of the interaction between transport and energy supply and the conditions for electrification have been made both at the national level and in the two transport corridors Oslo-Bergen and Oslo-Trondheim.

The seminar will take place on 1 March 2022 in Oslo, and the presentations will be held in Norwegian.

Information about the program and how to register can be found here (in Norwegian).