The visit, primarily aimed at introducing Eva Falleth, the new Executive Director for Sustainable Development, showcased the on-going research and shared objectives of Norway's Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME). Representing the FME centers, in addition to MoZEES, were SuSoltech and an emerging FME dedicated to battery research.

Present during the visit were (left to right) Mustapha Jamma, Lars Erik Walle, Åse Slagtern, Tine Uberg Nærland, Erik Marstein, Eva Falleth, Hanne Andersen, Martin Smedstad Foss, Rune Volla, Benedicte Ofstad, and Marija Vukovic.

During the visit Øystein Ulleberg, the Center Director of MoZEES, underscored the importance of knowledge exchange and sustainable energy research for Norway’s future. Hanne Andersen, the department head of Battery Technology at IFE, offered a tour of IFE’s battery development laboratory. A highlight of the day was a presentation by Post-doctorate Mustapha Jamma. Drawing attention to the research conducted in MoZEES, Jamma discussed the development of an energy management strategy for a PEM fuel cell/battery-based hybrid power system, focusing on its potential applications in marine propulsion.

We extend our thanks to the Norwegian Research Council for their visit and look forward to further collaboration within sustainable development.