We are proud to announce that Statkraft and Hydro have joined the MoZEES team! Statkraft is the largest renewable power supplier in Europe with interests in both batteries and hydrogen technology. Hydro Energy AS is a power company fully owned by Norsk Hydro ASA, a major producer of aluminum, now also a company with interests in batteries. Both these partners will provide invaluable input to our research on batteries and hydrogen for the heavy duty transport sector.

A MoZEES contract signing ceremony with representatives from our two new partners took place during the Board Meeting on Friday 8 November. Presentations were held by Ulf Eriksen (Head of Hydrogen Unit in Statkraft), Eeva kantanen (Head of Business Development, New Technologies in Hydro) and Nils Morten Huseby (President, IFE).

MoZEES contract signing seremony with Eeva Kantanen (Hydro), Ulf Eriksen (Statkraft) and Nils Morten Huseby (IFE). Photo: Øystein Ulleberg/IFE
From left: Øystein Ulleberg (IFE), Eeva Kantanen (Hydro), Nils Morten Huseby (IFE) and Ulf Eriksen (Statkraft). Photo: Gry Slotterøy/IFE


The program for the signing ceremony and the welcome speech by IFE’s president Nils Morten Huseby can be downloaded here, and the presentations by Statkraft and Hydro can be accessed by clicking on the icons below.