We are proud to present our clever, young and aspiring PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who are making sure MoZEES is producing high quality and high impact research.

MSc. Agnieszka Lach‘s PhD studies are undertaken at USN under the supervision of Prof. Knut Vågsæther and Assoc. Prof. Andre Vagner Gaathaug . The project focuses on hydrogen release in confined spaces such as parking garages and tunnels, and experimental studies will investigate hazards related to formation of combustible clouds and their combustion phenomena.

Dr Alok Mani Tripathi is employed as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oslo where he will perform in operando diagnostics of Li-ion batteries. This work is relevant for all the battery research in MoZEES as it will give a better understanding of the behavior and performance of battery materials.

Dr Gaylord Kabongo Booto is a postdoctoral researcher at IFE assessing the environmental impacts of Heavy Transport Vehicles – with a defined zero emission technology – by means of Life Cycle Analysis. The environmental benefits at full scale deployment are quantified in order to inform decision makers and enable strategic environmental management.

MSc. Hamid Reza Zamanizadeh‘s PhD project focuses on Ni-based bipolar plates for alkaline water electrolysis cells. The work covers surface engineering, corrosion investigation and electro-catalytic activity evaluation for both the oxygen- and hydrogen evolution reactions. He started his studies at NTNU in 2018 under the supervision of Profs. Frode Seland and Svein Sunde.

MSc. Xinwei Sun started her PhD studies on hydrogen technology in 2018. The objective of her project is to develop low cost, high performance composite membranes for PEM fuel cells, which can be operated under higher temperatures (> 80˚C) and low relative humidities (RH < 20%). Her studies are carried out at UiO under the supervision of prof. Truls Norby.

MSc. Halvor Høen Hval started his PhD studies at UiO in 2018, working on batteries. He aims at developing new, as well as improving existing, high-voltage cathode materials with supervision from prof. Helmer Fjellvåg and prof. Ola Nilsen. Parts of the work will also be conducted in collaboration with FFI.

MSc. Vegard Østli started his PhD studies at NTNU in 2018, with prof. Fredrik Carlsen as supervisor. The project focuses on developing behavioral models for travelers and firms in order to predict the market impact of introducing new technologies in the transport sector. Another key aspect is to evaluate how public policy can contribute to the uptake of new technological solutions.

Dr Athanasios Eleftherios Chatzitakis (a.k.a. Sakis) is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oslo. He is exploring the properties of non-porous, protonic conducting composite membranes for use in PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers in collaboration with prof. Truls Norby.

MSc. Eivind Hugaas‘ project at NTNU focuses on hydrogen storage tanks, and he is studying fatigue data via experimental testing and modelling, in close collaboration with the Norwegian industrial partner Hexagon. Eivind’s supervisor is prof. Andreas Echtermeyer.

MSc. Daniel Tevik Rogstad embarked on his PhD studies at NTNU the fall 2017, with prof. Ann Mari Svensson as his supervisor. Daniel is investigating Silicon anodes and ionic liquids in Lithium-ion batteries.

MSc. Elise Ramleth Østli started her PhD studies at NTNU in 2017, with RA1 manager Prof. Fride Vullum Bruer as supervisor. She aims at the development of water-based manufacturing routes for electrodes in an effort to stabilize the electrode/electrolyte interface.

MSc. Ika Dewi Wijayanti joined MoZEES as a PhD student at NTNU and IFE from 1 January 2017 and is working on Nickel metal hydride batteries. The study is undertaken in collaboration with our international industrial partner BASF-Ovonic, aiming to develop high voltage and high power non-aqueous metal hydride batteries.

MSc. Mathias Henriksen emarked on his PhD studies at USN in 2017, and focuses on hazards – such as explosions – related to accidents with Li-ion batteries in transportation. The work is supervised by prof. Dag Bjerketvedt and conducted in close collaboration with FFI.