Life cycle environmental impacts of alternative powertrain configurations heavy vehicles, at real scale deployment in Norway

Gaylord Booto
Institute for Energy Technology

This study evaluates the current and future energy use in heavy good transport (HGT) operations in Norway and assesses the possibility for consuming less fossil energy to curb greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change potentials. The retained methods consider both energy sources and powertrains from their entire life cycles. The pursued goal is to evaluate and compare the resulting environmental impacts in the Norwegian context.

The life cycle assessment method will be used in this study. Well-to-wheel environmental impacts will be assessed for several fuels and powertrain configurations under different scenarios.  The analysis will assume the vehicles operating constantly at their average speeds, on regional delivery duties, and for a period equivalent to their life-span.  The contribution of each alternative to the most relevant impact categories are evidenced and some indicative conclusions that can inform the decision-making process will be drawn.